Terms and conditions of the service

The signing of the contract implies acceptance of the following conditions:

Services covered by the fee:

Inputs at the time of departure (full gas bottle, full water tank, liquid aseptic chamber, full fuel tank).

The unit will be returned with full fuel tank, otherwise the difference in fuel costs in the destination, and optimum cleaning will be charged.


The unit has insurance that includes liability, partial and total theft, destruction of the unit, with coverage in Argentina, Mercosur and Chile.


To confirm the rental of a unit, the customer must make a corresponding to 30% of the total service advance.


The customer made a deposit of U $ S U $ S 1,000 or 1,500, depending on the selected unit, as reserves of damages that could produce the entire unit. This amount will be returned to the customer if at the time of the return of the unit no damage or breakage caused by misuse is constataren. Otherwise the damage will be assessed and deducted from the amount corresponding to the deposit.

The vehicle must be returned with its interior clean and empty tank sewage, otherwise an additional U $ S 45 for camper and $ S 70 for the motorhome you will be charged.


The delivery of the unit by Patagonia Austral and the return of it by the customer upon completion of the trip, will be held on the date, place and time established in the CONTRACT OF VEHICLE RENTAL. In case of default by the customer at the specified time for the return, you must pay the following:

  • Up to 1 hour late: No cost
  • 1 to 3 pm: U $ S 40 / hour
  • From 3 to 5 pm: U $ S 50 / hour
  • From 5 to 12 hours: 1 day rental

If the client wants to extend the delivery of the unit, you should contact Patagonia Austral in good time, in order to organize your order. Unauthorized delays will be penalized with a rate of 2.5 times the rate of contract.


If the client wants to cancel a service already confirmed, Patagonia refund the amount as follows: If you communicate within 30 days of departure: 50% If you communicate before 20 days from the date of out: 25% If you contact until 10 days before departure: 0%

Way to pay:

Corresponding to the reserve amount, will be made effective through bank transfer entity to designate, then the remaining amount by the same means shall be paid 30 days before departure. Otherwise it will not be delivery of the unit.


Any loss occurred should be communicated to Patagonia Austral irrefutably within 24 hours, otherwise the owner will be under the command of decisions reached by the insurance company and will reach its responsibility to the damage Patagonia can withstand as a result of repair or retention vehicle.


The unit comes with Mandatory Technical Inspection (RTO) conducted and certified specialist. When the duration of the course or the state of the roads requirement, the customer will make the necessary maintenance charge, reimbursing this amount.
In case of faults which compensation does not exceed U $ S 150, the customer can be performed directly and will be paid upon arrival. For damages exceeding amount must be requested budget approval.

For the price paid in the previous cases you must present official invoice issued on behalf of Patagonia Austral otherwise not be paid.


The units are delivered in perfect working order, therefore, breakage or malfunction of equipment for rent, not be entitled to any compensation.
If for reasons beyond the owner or force majeure could not deliver the vehicle on the agreed date, you will not be entitled to any compensation.
Patagonia Austral, reserves the right to modify the vehicle rented by another of the same category or higher until the day of delivery.

Driver’s license:

The customer must have driver’s license according to vehicle weight chosen the Fontinalis model requires license than 3500kg (. Category C in Rep Argentina), driving the Rainbow, Alpina and Marine models require driver’s license to 3500 ( Category B in the Rep. Argentina). It is important to note this detail when your choice. The minimum driving the Rainbow, Marinas and Alpina models age is 23 years old and to drive the model Fontinalis 26 years of age.

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