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World in motorhome, an option up

You have to negotiate with girlfriends and wives, but there was no chance to say no. Even if a little over a year away departure date, they already have everything insured: accommodation, ticket and food. Also the freedom to change course at any time, a plus improvisation and adventure. For many Argentine fans, the best way to go to the World Cup is in motorhome. More than 365 days, the countdown has already begun, and not remain outside the service hired late last year.

“As good futboleros always had the desire to go to a World Cup. One day we were having dinner and began to evaluate different options until someone dropped the idea. It was in December last year and booked straight away ‘says Gonzalo Seoane, 37, journalist . we no longer have to worry about looking hotel or tickets. the tickets are subject, but we’ll see how we do to get them, “he enthuses.

Exit RV trip is not a well established type of tourism in Argentina, as happens in the United States, Canada or Germany. But towards Brazil 2014, the option treads increasingly strong among Argentine tourists and other Latin Americans. Confirmed from local businesses across the country.

An ideal place for family adventure

“We have a fleet of equipment based in Salta, Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, in the three places we have reserves. Since the middle of last year we started receiving inquiries, and there are groups already paid for everything. They are generally men averaging between 30 and 45, and the groups are made up of family and friends, “says the nation Zulma Miron, the company trailor Time, which for more than 20 years dedicated to the rental and manufacture of this type of vehicle.

El grupo marplatense irá al Mundial en 2 motorhomes. Foto: Mauro V. Rizzi

Clothes and nothing else

Ready to go: there are dishes, glasses, silverware, pots, refrigerator, microwave and electric cooker.

Linen, chairs, camping table and even a portable grill for barbecues. Until the first load of gas comes from good measure, along with tourist guides and a map rutero neighboring country.

“They come with all included, like a department equipped. We rent with full insurance and permits for crossing the border adds Antonio Cellamare, of Patagonia Austral Motorhome-. We have several fully confirmed reservations and travel payments. The minimum contract for these trips are 17 days rent, but many think an extension of your trip if Argentina goes round. ”

Have in mind that some of those who make up the group of friends of all the native life of Mar del Plata. Altogether a total of ten and they will travel spread over dosmotorhomes. At first they were nothing more than a few, she says Rodrigo Osambela, but was in contagion effect and in less than a week they reached ten. A month ago they booked everything. Now we just have them pay the transfer of trucks from Ushuaia (where the company is based) to Mar del Plata. “We are school friends, we went together to the Don Orione and have 32 years. Most still live in the neighborhood San Jose, and every week we get together to eat and play football. Almost all are married with children, and that was one of the most complicated parts. we had no other to negotiate with women, “she reveals Rodrigo to the nation, and adds some details. “Always something there to give some in return asked a family trip or a couple;.. Other from an aesthetic surgery until early holiday But I better shut up because if I keep telling my wife kills me,” he confesses with a laugh.

Almost like a graduation trip, the group will organize marplatense three or four parties during the year in order to raise funds for the trip to the World Cup. There is a common pool called Brazil 2014, and there are going to stop the extra profits the team.

“Most of us have an independent work, and those in dependent already requested day. At the moment we go about 15 or 17 days. In my case, though the Argentina still standing I have to go back, but with the company and we prescribed a possible extension of travel Rodrigo explains. As there is a 90% chance that Argentina play the group stage in southern Brazil, let’s go straight to Porto Alegre, which is about 1700 kilometers. Except for two, handle all, so no problems with that and we’ll take turns. Those who manage you know, it is up to cook. ”

In Motorhome Time, however, the minimum rental contract to go to the World Cup is 30 days. Leonardo Tovarg and his five cousins, all Colombians will gather in Buenos Aires the first days of June next year to leave for Brazil. “Two live here, two are in Bogotá and two in Miami, and we started together from Capital,” says Leonardo, who studied kinesiology and came to Buenos Aires for five years to perfect.

“Although Colombia does not qualify we’re alike, is already decided. And obviously, our heart is with Argentina to death. We were full month-long competition, and if we can not get tickets live the party from outside the stadiums. a world beyond the purely footballing, everything is a great show, and it is the first time we have the opportunity to live it so closely. ”

No girlfriends or wives, in this case, Leonardo says no to negotiate or give anything in return for authorization. “At the moment we are all singles, without complications he says. And we will take to do some sightseeing. In principle, all we have defined is that we will go to some southern headquarters or San Pablo and Rio de Janeiro . But before we stop at the Iguazu falls, my cousins ​​do not know. the motorhome is very well equipped. to those who are outside sent their pictures to give me the OK and seemed very good. So in October of the year I spent booked and paid 20% of the trip. ”

Traveling in a motorhome means, among other things, be absolute master of time and travel destination. No check- in hotels or search for restaurants or schedule adjustments to arrive at the bus station or airport. “In this case the World there is a more specific objective. But many of those who choose to travel enmotorhome do to try a different experience. Some seek to reach more remote places where not even have hospitality. They impose their own pace of travel. Paran where want, sleep where they want and can cook without relying on a proveeduría or restaurant. They all in one space, “Zulma Mirón graphics.

La noche y la seguridad

En un camping, en la playa o en la calle. Según el grupo en cuestión, las decisiones de dónde pasar la noche varían. “Nos estuvimos asesorando un poco y en los lugares turísticos no hay inconveniente de parar en la calle. Si es un lugar de playa podemos pasar la noche ahí, y si no será en alguna estación de servicio o cerca de alguna estación de bombero o policía. No queremos ir a un camping, ésa es la última opción”, dice Gonzalo Seoane, que convivirá con su grupo de amigos un poco más de un mes.
No piensan igual los hinchas marplatenses. Según el vocero del grupo, la idea, sí o sí, es dormir en un camping. “Veremos cuál es el más cercano en cada lugar al que vayamos, pero es una cuestión de seguridad a la que no nos vamos a arriesgar. Parar elmotorhome en una calle, aunque se pueda, no nos deja tranquilos”, asegura Rodrigo Osambela.

Para la puesta en marcha a Brasil 2014 no hacen falta grandes preparativos. El agua para abastecer la casa rodante se carga en una estación de servicio o alguna canilla vecina, que los pasajeros usarán para la cocina y el baño. Eso sí, más que nunca, y sobre todo si el grupo es numeroso, habrá que economizar los recursos y ser amigables con el medio ambiente.

Un bolso con la ropa y la cámara de fotos. Falta un poco más de un año, pero ir al Mundial en motorhome es una experiencia que muchos ya echaron a rodar.

A la hora de alquilarlas

Algunos datos que es conveniente saber

El modelo idealHay motorhomes diseñados para andar por ruta, un viaje sin grandes exigencias. Para los que quieren aventura están las camionetas 4×4, aptas para caminos más difíciles, ripio, arena y senderos de montaña. La capacidad varía entre dos y ocho personas.

Cuánto cuestan

Las tarifas se dividen según temporada alta o baja. En Patagonia Austral Motorhome publican las tarifas en la Web. Depende del modelo, los valores van desde los 170 dólares hasta los 330 dólares por día, por unidad. En Motorhome Time, el precio promedio es de 500 pesos por persona y por día.

Equipadas a full

Cuentan con cocina, baño y camas, vajilla y ropa de cama. Se entregan con garrafa de gas, tanque de agua y tanque de combustible lleno, y elementos químicos para baño. También seguros y permisos para el cruce de frontera.

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